When you buy or sell a home in Fredericksburg or anywhere in the Central Texas Hill Country, you should factor in an INSPECTOR.  Some Sellers want to know what they are up against ahead of time, so they hire the Inspector to take an objective look at what a prospective Buyer is likely to find before the house goes on the market.  Dealing with repair issues ahead of time (prior to receipt of a contract) takes the pressure off because the Seller has more time to deal with any issues that may arise.  Once a home goes Under Contract, there are contractual deadlines involved and they can create more of a pressure cooker situation.  No house is perfect; they all need something, even those that are brand new. 

For Buyers, the answer is more obvious!  Depending on the deal you negotiated, you may not want to insist on the Seller repairing everything, but you should at least know what is recommended and what you are up against versus the price you are paying.  For instance, if a Buyer has a feeling they are “stealing” the home (perhaps because of circumstances involving the Seller), it may be that the Buyer does not want to ask for any repairs.  However, if the Buyer is reluctantly paying what he feels is a full market price (and maybe then some), he may be more particular about wanting things repaired and in good condition at the time of closing.  In some cases, the Buyer’s lender may be particular about certain items and insist that the Seller make certain repairs before they fund the loan. 

Residential Inspectors are certified and licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  They work for and owe their due diligence for the party that hires them.   Inspectors are not there to please a Seller; they are there to point out items in a home that may need repair or replacement.  The report in itself is not a mandate to repair anything, but often times it results in the work being done or the price being adjusted to account for the work that needs to be done.  Buyers generally figure that if a house in condition is work $X, a house that needs work is worth $X – the cost of the work. 

Texas Hills Realty LLC has worked with many of the local inspectors.  Most of the local structural and mechanical inspections cost from $250-$450.  Some are also licensed to do Wood-destroying Insect (WDI) inspections as well and may charge another $150+/- for the additional inspection.  Occasionally the Home Inspector is also hired as an objective party to the transaction to take water samples, especially on rural properties, and deliver to a testing lab.  I am not aware of a standard inspection for septic systems; however, some septic pumpers and/or installers can be hired to look at a system and give a short review as to if it appears to be working and whether or not it should be pumped. 

At Texas Hills Realty LLC, we have worked with most of the local Inspectors and can help you decide which one is best for your circumstances.  Give us a call if we can help.