The young couple with their toddler were nervous as they looked at the very best they could find. They were using an experienced Realtor, their folks had previously had a good experience with the same Realtor, and this was by far the absolute best home for the money they could buy. It was perfect; it had everything they needed. It was larger than they thought they could buy but they hoped to grow into the house. It needed work. It needed updating and the lot needed cleanup, but they had the energy to do so. The numbers were just about right and according to their lender, they could afford it. The Seller had come down 7-8 times in price and it was sure looking like a good deal. The Buyer’s Representative told them he could not find a better house for the money and number 2 was waaaaaaaay down the road. It wasn’t even close! The Realtor urged them to decide quickly and write up an offer if they wanted to have a chance. But, this was their first house. The young couple buying it decided to hold off for the afternoon, talk it over one more time, and meet the Realtor again the next day. And when they did, the Realtor dropped off the bad news right in their lap——–another buyer put the house Under Contract. They waited 1 day too long.

In this market, if you think it is a good deal, if your Realtor thinks it is a good deal, if your friends and relatives think it is a good deal, you cannot wait around for a sign from above or the “good deal” will no longer be available. If all those folks think it is a good deal, you can be sure there is another buyer with the same opinion on his mind. The one that gets their first is the winner; the loser has to find another home.

We see this happen in the market. The Buyer thinks it was just bad luck and he will find another one. The next buy does not look quite as good as the 1st one, so the buyer waits another night only to find this one, too, has gone Under Contract. Believe me, when he starts working on the 3rd home, the Buyer’s pencil is pretty sharp, he knows value when he sees it, and it will not take him long to write up an offer!

We hope this does not happen to you. Find a good Realtor, one you trust to give you the straight story, and work with him. Don’t lose the deal because you are nervous.

We know the market and we give you the most objective information available so you can decide. Please be in touch if we can help you with your decision.