2016 was a good year for real estate in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County.  In some ways it compares closely with 2015.  While year-end numbers are still coming in, they are not likely to change substantially from those we already obtained from the Central Hill Country Multiple Listing Service as of January 2, 2017.  Here are some examples:


                        MARKET INDICATOR                 2016                2015   

            Total All Sales in Gillespie County      523                   535

                       (about the same, there may be a few more added to 2016 before it is over)

            Total Volume of Sales                              $215.8 m       $191.9 m

                       (fewer sales but for more money means higher average prices)

            Average Days on Market (“DOM”)      273                 350

                        (marketing time declined/improved for the listings that SOLD)

            Highest Sales price in the MLS             $5.8 m           $4.6 m

            Number sold under $400k                    367 or 70%    417 or 78%

                        (fewer listings sold in 2016 most likely because fewer were available which were priced under $400k, not because sales slowed down.   Note also that a smaller percentage of total sales went for less than $400k )

            Average Sales Price                                     $413k             $359k

            Median Sales Price                                      $275k              $245k

            Price category with largest # sales        $200k              $200k

                        (in 2016, there were 115 sales in the $200k category or 22% of all sales); in 2015, there were 131 sales or 25% of the total number of sales.  The number of sales in this category are declining slowly as prices rise)    



This next section compares the RESIDENTIAL MARKET IN FREDERICKSBURG (city limits) in 2016 vs. 2015.  Results may change some as year-end numbers are still coming in to the MLS. 

                                                                                    2016                2015

            TOTAL RES SALES IN FBG                  206*                211           (*results still coming in)

            AVG SALES PRICE                                  $348K             $299K

            AVG SALES PRICE/SF                           $181/SF          $165/SF

            MEDIAN SALES PRICE                         $296K             $260K

            AVG DOM                                                    120                  119

            TOTAL VOLUME SOLD                         $72M              $63M

            AVG SIZE HOME SOLD                         1951 SF          1850 SF

By no means is this an exhaustive study of all our local real estate market indicators, but it gives you some idea of how our market looks versus the previous year.  In our opinion, this review would not be complete without discussing INVENTORY.  Because the Residential category is by far the largest single type of real estate sold in our market, it is considered the most significant for our market review. 


Number of Active Residential Listings in Fbg       96  homes

Total # of Res SOLD in 2016                                         206 (or an average of 17.17 / month)

Residential Inventory at the end of 2016                5.59 months

            (6 months of inventory is considered a “balanced market”, that is, neither favoring Buyers or Sellers.)



Overall, our Residential Market would be considered “Balanced” but leaning towards the Sellers.  However, if examined more closely by $100,000 price category, we find shortages in inventory in some of the lower price ranges, particularly those under $400,000.  Follow some simple mathematical gymnastics below:



Number of Active Residential Listings available                51 homes priced under $400k

Number of Res SOLD under $400,000 in 2016                  153  homes or 12.75 / month

Inventory (# available / rate of sales)                                     4 months of inventory (51 / 12.75)


So, as you can see, we have 4 months of inventory available of homes in Fredericksburg listed under $400,000.  That indicates a Seller’s Market for this price category and tends to put upward pressure on prices.  Higher price categories may vary dramatically and indicate more of a Buyer’s market.  If you want to know where you fit in, let us know and we can look at specific price categories for you and show you where other thresholds may lie.  

If we can help you regarding the market indicators on your specific property, or if we can help you compile a reasonable offer on a property you wish to buy, please contact us.   



Again, our information here comes from the Central Hill Country Board of Realtors’ Multiple Listing Service as of January 2, 2017.  Results may vary some as more Realtors get back from the holidays and update the  MLS, but we do not anticipate any significant swing in the data.  The information is deemed to be reliable but specifically not guaranteed.