Wasn’t it Gomer Pyle on television that used to say “Surprise, surprise, surprise?”

Acreage, Farm and Ranch listings may not have fared quite as well as other categories of

real estate in Gillespie County!  Currently, our Average Price listing is over $1,432,000 and

the Median Price is $651,500. There is approximately $132 million in inventory and we are

selling at the rate of about $4.4 million/month. About 38% of the inventory is priced below

$400,000; about 58% of the YTD sales in 2016 were below $400,000 indicating somewhat of

a shortage of inventory in this price category. Other comparison indicators are listed


2015                    2016

INVENTORY SOLD 6 MOS YTD                            $26,924,000         $36,090,000

# LISTINGS SOLD                                                     44                       43

AVG SALES PRICE/LISTING                                 $612,000             $839,300

AVG DAYS ON MARKET (“DOM”)                          278                     315


The numbers indicate that we are selling about the same number of acreage listings but

more of the lower-priced listings are selling this year. The lower-priced listings are selling

a little quicker in 2016 than the higher-priced listings in 2015 (see 278 DOM vs. 315 DOM

in the table above). Unrestricted small acreage listings are getting harder and harder to

locate. Most of the small acreage tracts are located in rural subdivisions.

There is inventory to be purchased, but it might work best for many Buyers, especially

those living out of town, to use a good Buyer’s Representative agent to locate it for you and

let you know as soon as it becomes available. We have some good, hard-working agents

ready to find out what you are looking for, so please be in touch when you know you are